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Travel & Holiday making redefined in a way to please all your sense including your sixth sense “experience” with meticulous preparations & exceptional customer service- that is Sabsan Holidays .The Company was founded by Mr. R M   Sabu Subramoniam on March 2010 as SA Business Solutions Private  Limited and later on renamed as Sabsan Travel and Tours Private Limited on May 2011. Having registered office in Sucheendrum, in Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu, the company started its journey with a fleet of three vehicles catering locally. But later on, went on to increase the volume of the fleet, to handle Tour packages and Transfers to become a full-fledged Destination Management company, with qualified professionals. It aimed to offer a range of best-value products and services along with cutting-edge technology and dedicated round-the-clock customer support.

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Sabsan Holidays ( is the travel portal of Sabsan Travel & Tours Pvt Ltd, created with a vision to simplify the travel needs by offering services through B2C portal and through a vast B2B network so that all travelers can make the best use of the services offered. Sabsan Holidays  as a Destination Management Company has recently launched a holiday travel portal, to realize the dreams of travelers visiting South India and UAE.

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Sabsan Travel and Tours Private Limited offer the following products and services through its travel portal sabsan &

  • Air Tickets – Domestic and International

  • Hotels – World wide

  • Holiday Packages – Domestic & International

  • Car Rentals

  • Cruise vacations around the globe

  •  Bus & Train Tickets for Domestic Travelers

Sabsan Holidays

Sabsan Holidays is a one-stop shop for travel, where all the varied and diverse needs of a travelers are taken care of, during planning and execution of a trip. Corporate, institutions and individual leisure or business travel consumers is what Sabsan Holidays aims to cater to.

We are confident to connect travelers on leisure & business between UAE and India. Not only that, the company also aims to offer its facilities in both countries to represent the best of the travel & hospitality brands. We believe that without its people, even the most sophisticated and powerful organization would not achieve its potential. Sabsan Holidays, managed by a team of experts who are dedicated, honest, talented and smart employees & business partners, is set to attain the primary goal of customer satisfaction in service industry. A dedicated team of experts is waiting to serve our guests best.

Director’s Message

            sabu subramoniam- sabsan ceo   Travel is an art. And just like art, travel takes careful planning and a great deal of dedication to ensure an end result that is nothing short of masterpiece. When I recall my travels I’m not only reminded of the people and places I encountered, but also the time I spend researching to get to those people and places. This research was the motivation that drove me to become involved in the travel and tourism industry, hidden treasures to the world. Its strives to bring the best holiday experiences in the region for our guests. A dedicated team of experts is waiting at either destinations to provide wonderful experiences to our guests. Another feature I wanted to integrate into Sabsan Holidays was B2B tool to allow us to empower people who possess entrepreneurship capabilities. This is a tool that can help people to become part of this growing industry and create a career from it.

                To bring this dream into reality Sabsan Holidays has launched a holiday focused travel portal for the travelers to South India and UAE. A dedicated team of experts is waiting at either destinations to provide wonderful experiences to our guests“0% Debt, 100% satisfaction”. Sabsan Holidays is fully funded venture of the Sabsan Group and Zero Debt is a Sabsan policy followed across its ventures. This allow us to pass on the benefit of non-payment of interest and finance charges to our esteemed customers.

                Our support team is committed to provide first rate services and support to our esteemed customers and thus achieve tremendous growth. While serving for pleasure and relaxation we ensure the safety and security of our guests. We strive hard in securing the nation’s pride—its culture and heritage. And to deliver this promise, our tours are carefully planned to balance pleasure with integrity.

                With all this and more, Sabsan Holidays is set to make your travel booking and management experiences smooth, I invite you to be part of this success story in progress.