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Are You Planning A Holy Trip To Pandiyanadu? Here’re Some Must Visit Temples!

A holy trip once in a while is sure to give you the much needed spiritual refreshment. Pandiyanadu with its numerous temples (commonly known as divyadeshams) is an ideal destination for such a trip. In Pandiyanadu, there are eighteen famous temples. They can be subdivided as Madurai-based temples and Tirunelveli based temples. Having an understanding of the temples, their locations, etc. will make your journey easy. So, here is some help.

Madurai Based Divyadeshams

The divyadeshams in Madurai are the favourite spots for tour operators in Madurai. The following are the three famous temples in Madurai.

  •  Thirukkoodal– The Perumal here is Sri Koodal Azhagar. It is believed that the Devas and munivars came    together in this place and hence the name ‘koodal’ which means a meeting.
  • Thirumalirunsolai– Sri Kallazhagar Perumal is the divinity in this temple. This temple is guarded by the Karuppar who is believed to be the protecting God.
  • Thirumoghur– The Kaalamegha Perumal is the strength here. The Perumal idol is in such a way that there is a gadha in his left hand and the right hand is spread open to bless the believers.

In addition to Madurai, there are temples in Virudhu Nagar, Ramanathapuram and Pudukkotai. Each one is unique in its tradition and the architectural beauty. The following are the temples which you cannot afford to miss in your journey.

Divyadeshams In Virudhu Nagar

Virudhu Nagar is not so far away from Madurai and is accessible by a taxi from Madurai. It would be good to enquire about Madurai taxi fare before starting the trip. Thiruthangal and Thiruviliputhoor are the two renowned temples in Virudhu Nagar.

Ramanathapuram And Pudukkotai Divyadeshams

Thiruppulani Sri Kalyan Jagannatha Perumal temple is a must visit spot in Ramanathapuram, which is a district in Tamilnadu. Thirukkotiyoor and Thirumeyam are the divyadeshams which make Pudukkottai a sacred destination for holy trips.

Now, let us move onto Tirunelveli based divyadeshams. Travel from Madurai to Tirunelveli takes about 2 to 4 hours.

Tirunelveli Based Temples

There are nine divyadeshams in Tirunelveli which are commonly known as “Nava Thirupathi”. What makes Nava Thirupathi divyadeshams different from the rest is the presence of two thaayars in each temple. The names of the temples and the respective Thayars are listed below for your reference.

  • Thirukkurugoor– Sri Anandhavalli and Kurugoor Valli
  • Thirukkoloor-Sri Kumudhavalli and Koloor Valli
  • Thirupperai– Sri Kuzhakadhu valli Naachiyaar and Thirupperai Naachiyaar
  • Thiruvaikundam– Sri Vaikundavalli and Bhoodevi
  • Thirukkulandai– Sri Alamelu Mangai thaayar, Poomagal Naachiyaar
  • Thiruppulingudi– Sri Malar magal Naachiyaar, Poomagal Naachiyaar
  • Thiruvaragunamangai– Sri Varagunavalli Thaayar and Varagunamangai Thaayar
  •  Thirutholaivillimangalam– Sridevi and Bhoodevi
  • Thiruccheerivaramangai– Sridevi and Bhoodevi

If you stay at Madurai, then you can make sure that you cover all these temples because all are at reachable distances from Madurai. So, it will be best to approach a travel agency in Madurai to plan this trip rightly.
Visiting and praying at divyadeshams are considered to be highly beneficial by the believers. A chance to visit so many temples within one trip is something really valuable. So, make sure you make the most of it! Wish you a very happy journey!

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